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Exceptional Greek olive oils

Award winning olive oils from Crete and mainland Greece
Extra virgin, organic and flavour infused olive oils 

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More than a holiday destination

Greece is far more than a package holiday destination and has a food history to rival any Mediterranean destination. Greeks, and especially Cretan people have among the longest life expectancies in the world and their olive groves are among the best in Europe. The olive oil produced from them evokes the warm sunny days of the Greek hillsides like nothing else. 

The olive oils

Ziro Sitias was awarded the Gold Medal for quality at the 2015 New York International Olive Oil Competition, along with Gold awards in 2016 and 2017 elsewhere around the world. For the curious, the awards are listed here along with analysis certificates. 

Crete is recognised as the producer of the best olives and olive oils in Greece, with Sitia then noted as the area of Crete from which the best of the best oils can be found.

This is where Ziro Sitias is grown, produced and bottled before being shipped straight to Olivaceous who are now the sole UK distributor of this extraordinary product.

The packaging of the product reflects the quality of the contents, a bottle to be admired as well as tasted. 

Paragaea compliment Ziro Sitias perfectly, in this case with their range of Aegis Gourmet flavoured olive oils, and a passion for olive oil which is so great they have even restored their own historic olive oil press in the town of Parga in northern Greece.

The olives are grown by Ilias and pressed to his own exacting standards, and then the olive oil is sold here in the UK, in Germany, in Greece and at their own olive oil museum.

If you visit Parga and meet Ilias at his oil museum, or his taverna on the Parga quayside, or attend one of his cooking experience events, you realise just how passionate he is, not just about making olive oils today, but about supporting and retaining the history of olive oil production in Greece and keeping it alive for future generations.


Where to find us

Olivaceous products are available online and via
selected retailers and markets.

Cheltenham Fine Food Market: 7th April 2018
Tewkesbury Farmer's Market: 14th April 2018
Cheltenham Fine Food Market: 5th May 2018
Worcester Food Festival: 8-10th June 2018 TBC
Abergavenny Food Festival: 15-16th Sept 2018 TBC
Stratford-upon-Avon Food Festival: 22-23rd Sept 2018

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